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ActronAir’s engineers have developed the most advanced air conditioning systems specifically for the unique and harsh Australian climate, all of which come with a superior operating range and a host of innovative features. With a product range spanning small Wall Hung Splits through to large Commercial systems and everything in between, ActronAir can provide a solution for every Club and Pub application. ActronAir design and manufacture in Australia so you’ll never have to call overseas or wait long for service and support. ActronAir’s call centre is on-site, not in some far flung part of the world. When you call, you’ll speak to someone who’s responsive, knowledgeable and based near you. It’s why Clubs and Pubs all over Australia take comfort in ActronAir.

vcard Brett Cruden

National BDM
M: 0423 782 866
Company Details
P: 1300 522 722
Corporate Partners

MAS Country

MAS Country are an Australian-owned motel management company with the direct goal of driving increased profitability and occupancy for independent accommodation owners. Specialising in regional accommodation, we identify and address any areas for improvement in core operations and drive occupancy by leveraging strong sales and marketing engines. We also assist businesses that need to source accommodation for their staff in regional areas, our corporate reservations team make bookings easy and straightforward which drives occupancy and visitation to regional towns.

vcard James Donnelly

General Manager
M: 0411 333 869
Company Details
P: 1300 627 669
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Aussie NRG

We are a 100% Australian owned energy consulting firm, specialising in managing energy usage across an extensive range of services. Some of these key services include an energy brokering service which employs both reverse bidding process and group buying platforms to ensure that you benefit from a larger volume discount.

vcard Max Haas

M: 0417 733 686
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P: 1300 440 224
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Cashpoint Payment Solutions

Cashpoint Payment Solutions have a national fleet of ATM’s and are Australia’s largest provider of under the counter EFT cash dispensing solutions. In-house software developers ensure up to date technology, continual innovations and products.

vcard Sima Hanimyn

Marketing & Advertising
M: 02 9002 1415
Company Details
P: 1300 286 626
F: 1300 329 286
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Ecash is a design and manufacturer of TITO and card based payment systems to the gaming industry throughout Australia. Our expertise lies within cash management terminals, cashiering products and services to the club industry.

vcard Richard Soussa

Manager Sales & Marketing
M: 0438 843 834
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P: 1800 132 274
02 9887 8601
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Energy Brokers

Energy Brokers are an independent Australian owned energy consultancy. We will negotiate your electricity and gas contracts to achieve the lowest possible energy rates available in the market for each club.

vcard Mr Michael Fowler

Managing Director
M: 0410 572 687
Company Details
P: 1300 737 832
F: 1300 737 835
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Exact Security

Our roots are in clubs and by coupling modern technology with old-fashioned caring our security operatives are primed to enhance the customer experience at your venues. Our solutions cover every aspect of club security.

vcard Steve Van Zwieten

Managing Director
M: 0418 793 880
Company Details
P: 02 8603 5000
F: 02 8603 5050
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Guardian Venue Management International

Guardian Venue Management International has rapidly positioned itself as the leading Security company within NSW. Guardian VM will provide an experienced and highly trained workforce to ensure all clients and patrons are provide with the best possible service.

vcard Michael Lakkis

Managing Director
M: 0410 549 104
Company Details
P: 02 9793 3577
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Nightlife Music

Nightlife Music is a music subscription service for businesses that combines the best in music and tech to deliver immersive customer experience in clubs. Partnered with Spotify and in over 5,000 locations across hospitality, retail and fitness. Nightlife's platform helps businesses engage with consumers through on-brand playlisting and with crowdDJ.

vcard Jeremy Sproul

Senior Business Development Manager
M: 0418 784 222
Company Details
P: 1800 679 748
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Zoo Business Media

Zoo Business Media offer innovative in-house music and messaging systems that are a cost effective way to promote your club. Promote seasonal promotions, bistro specials, functions and entertainment throughout your club seamlessly and creatively.

vcard Vicki Travers

General Manager
M: 1800 664 653
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P: 1800 664 653
F: 1300 133 338