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Corporate Partners

Capital Bluestone

Capital Bluestone has been a trusted development partner for 25 years, delivering commercial, industrial, retail and residential property with an array of partners. We’ve built a strong business on foundations of integrity and accountability. We take a collaborative approach to every project we undertake, working closely with our partners to ensure we understand their business and their goals now and into the future. We are currently working with the Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club on the Woolooware Bay project with residential apartments and a new shopping centre. We are also working with the Kogarah RSL on Veridian Kogarah, an integrated club and residential community.

vcard Mr Simon Nesbitt

Development Manager
M: 0438 238 278
Company Details
P: 02 8072 4700
Corporate Partners

Paynter Dixon

Paynter Dixon is the industry leader in delivering exceptional buildings for the entertainment sector, with more than 60 years experience in the design and construction of hospitability venues. We continue to evolve with our clients to diversify their business with uses as varied as gaming, innovative food venues, fitness centres and hotel accommodation.

vcard Mr Lindsay Verdon

Head of Hospitality & Entertainment Venues
M: 0407 428 526

vcard Mr Matthew Greene

Design Architect
M: 0419 617 012
Company Details
P: 02 9797 5555
F: 02 9797 5533
Premium Industry Supporters

Abeo Architects

Abeo Architects provide expert architecture and interior design services specifically to the hospitality gaming industry. We have a formidable understanding of all aspects of club operations and a proven track record of successfully delivering club refurbishment projects that truly perform.

vcard Mr Daniel Wilsdon

M: 0430 300 770
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P: 02 9331 6664
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Altis Architecture

Architecture & Interior design services.

vcard Mr Rolfe Latimer

M: 0411 695 102
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P: 02 9364 9000
F: 02 9571 7930
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Bergstrom Architects

Bergstrom Architects have been designing hospitality venues for over 10 years, offering professional and personal architectural interior design and master planning services.

vcard Mr Tom Bergstrom

M: 0414 924 194
Company Details
P: 02 8920 1499
F: 02 8920 1599
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Boden Projects

Design, construction and management of building related projects including planning, council approval, tendering and construction.

vcard Mr Bruce Bouchard

M: 0417 668 010
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P: 02 9554 7967
F: 02 9554 7875
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C I Partnership

Specialist hospitality designers providing architectural and interior design services including project management, master planning, furniture design and selections.

vcard Mr Richard Cullinan

M: 0417 297 891
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P: 02 8090 3320
F: 02 9318 1818
Premium Industry Supporters

Network Refurbishments & Construction

Network Refurbishments and Construction has the experience and capability in a wide range of building projects. Our client’s can benefit from our expertise in all refurbishment and construction projects.

vcard Mr Stephen Chain

M: 0412 249 849
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P: 02 9808 5673
F: 02 9807 7196
Standard Industry Supporters

APP Corporation Pty Limited

APP is an integrated property and infrastructure consultancy offering services across all phases pf the capital investment lifecyle; strategy, definition, delivery and transition.

vcard Lynne Hughes

National Marketing Manager
M: 02 9957 6211
Company Details
P: 02 4928 7600
Standard Industry Supporters

Fugen Constructions

Our experience and expertise enable us to successfully undertake complex construction projects, in and around operational environments, whilst keeping the business open throughout construction. Our sector specific expertise, means we understand your industry and have established strategies to ensure a smooth construction processes. 


vcard Mr Stephen Flannery

Managing Director
M: 0411 475 757
Company Details
P: 02 9289 3700
F: 02 9289 3730